Volume 2 - Barton Delisle

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Barton DeLisle - Volume 2

We Are
(Pye, Burns)

Verse 1
We are......

A bright light in the dark
The inventor's first spark
We are......
We are......
A right for all the wrongs
Jerusalem at the Proms
We are......

I know and you know, that all we are......
Is a moment in time

Verse 2
We are......
The moment the plane touches down
Hepburn's shimmering gown
We are......
We are......
The last spoonful of dessert
A hopeful midnight flirt
We are......


I know and you know that all we are......
......is a moment in time

It's simple for me
It's how it's meant to be
Who we are - this is our destiny
This is who we are

Verse 3
We are......
A kiss at the back of the class
The thrill of a boarding pass
We are......
We are......
A gymnast's big dismount
Our first joint bank account
We are.....

Chorus and repeat

From the album Last Year's Dreams
copyright: PyeMedia 2018

Barton DeLisle - Volume 2
Track list and credits

1. You Are Driving Me Crazy  

2. Home   
3. So Now You Know
4. The Court Of Last Appeal
5. Old Friends
6. We Are

7. A Long Time Ago

8. A New Year
9. You Stole My Heart
10. Touch The Sky
11. No Reply

All Songs arranged and performed by Jules Burns and Chris Pye

All Songs written by Chris Pye and Jules Burns

except track 8 written with Paul McDowell

Recorded at Chesterford Studios and mixed by Geoffrey Crowther

Morecambe Funfair photograph - copyright Nigel Lingings
Cover design by Cooil Creative

copyright: Pyemedia 2018 all rights reserved

copyright: julesburns 2018 - website design Cooil Creative - Barton DeLisle facebook
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