Last Year's Dreams - Barton Delisle

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Last Year's Dreams

(Pye, Burns, McDowell)

Verse 1
I give you this song to set aside for a rainy day
A day when the rain
Presses tight against your window
And muffled voices laugh across the hall
Making you feel - that you don't count at all

Verse 2
I give you this song for just such a sad occasion
A bad moment when
A helping hand or two is needed
And sadness walks around your empty room
Filling your head with poetry and doom

Get up and rummage through your papers, cards and magazines
Hidden under last year's dreams
You'll find my song

Verse 3
It says in my song how someone once loved you
A man who moved on
Thinking just how easily he'd left you
And though he knows we'll never love again
He'd like you to know you've always got a friend

From the album Last Year's Dreams

copyright PyeMedia 2015

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